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    GB0200 ordinary sheet series
    Specifications: 1 ~ 80mm × 500 ~ 2000mm
    Performance: With middle pressure, temperature working environment 0 ~ 60 ℃, the waterproof, shock and sealing performance
    Purpose: According to the requirements of technical parameters can be used for all kinds of sealing buffer apron, pads, seals and laying on the ground, decorating
    Color: black, white, gray, red, green, blue and other color
    Packing: bags 50Kg / roll, 100 Kg / roll or fixed packet length according to customer requirements

    Parameters: Specific Gravity: 1.4; Tearing: 5.0Mpa; Elongation: 300%; Hardness: 60 ° ~ 65 °
    Uses: The product has good flexibility, commonly used in products with higher requirements for gaskets, washers and buffer member

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